We augment business to empower global growth.

Elevating scalable businesses through innovation, entrepreneurial flair and strategic growth while cultivating positive impact, thought leadership and profitability.

Welcome to Digital Ecosystems (“DigiCo”), an investment company operating in the B2B tech sector. By strategically acquiring distinct but aligned brands, we have created a powerful and synergistic ecosystem. Our curated portfolio comprises fintech and digital businesses, offering our clients optimal solutions that drive customer lifetime value and maximise return on investment. With a presence in over 30 countries and a focus on ongoing expansion, we are well-positioned to rapidly scale into new markets at a low cost. By combining a customer-centric approach with advanced AI and analytics technology, we are at the forefront of revolutionising how businesses connect with their customers.

We acquire distinct but strategically aligned tech brands
our area of expertise is mobile networks, finanical service providers and retailers and their interaction with end consumers
Our proprietary ecosystem of curated fintech and digital businesses
provide optimal solutions that maximise customer lifetime value and return on investment for our clients.
DigiCo’s presence spans across 30 countries
our ongoing expansion ensures that we can scale rapidly and at low cost into new markets.
We are revolutionising the way businesses connect with their customers.
With our customer-centric approach and cutting-edge AI and analytics technology.
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Our Companies

Airvantage offers MNOs a turn-key solution to provide their customers with airtime and data advance, mobile money and handsets on credit.

Cellfind is a leading provider of tailored mobile applications, location-based services, aggregation solutions and value-added services.

Digitata enables mobile operators to create dynamic pricing profiles for their subscribers based on location, consumption and service usage.

Hyve are specialists in managing and deploying service delivery platforms and creates and curates content to publish on their captive portals.

M4Jam are route to market specialists that leverage technology and data to take brands to market in the informal retail sector.

Neem’s Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform enables digital businesses to offer embedded financial services to underserved customers.

Panacea Mobile is a communications technology company that supplies simplified interfaces to gateways for SMS and USSD for businesses.

Paymenow is an earned wage access platform revolutionising the way people access liquidity and improving their financial health.

Paytime is a financial wellness app that provides on-demand pay / earned wage access to employees through a simple, user-friendly mobile app.

ViaMedia offers A-grade technical platforms and leading-edge digital products that focus on driving consumer engagement.

Meet the teams behind our success

Our group boasts a diverse team of mobile, fintech, and retail executives. Together, we are a powerhouse, driving innovation and redefining the mobile, fintech, and retail landscapes.

Get ready to collaborate, disrupt, and shape the future of these industries with us.